The Complete Best Tennis Shoes for Women Reviews

Tennis is the top sport, and one of the physical exercises that people often use to develop their body endurance. In tennis, you need to be quick and strong, yet sharp and focus. Moreover, this sport requires excellent shoes. In that case, you should consider the best tennis shoes for women.

Before buying the shoes, some reviews from several products will be useful as a reference. Tennis shoes must contain several specs and features as mandatory points. You surely do not want the shoes to be the source of the problem due to a lack of capability. The first thing about this kind of shoes is durability and comfort. Any sport and exercise start with people who feel comfortable in wearing their shoes. Comfort is not enough because you need shoes with high durability. This feature makes sure the shoes can last longer even though you do much exercise every day.

ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 3

ASICS Women's GEL-Solution Speed 3 Tennis ShoeIf you look for the reliable tennis shoes with high durability, the answer is ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 3. As you know, ASICS has been in this industry for a long time, and tennis shoes are just some lineups with high-grade products. For this product, you will see the elegant design that’s quite girly. The design is dedicated to women who want something comfortable in their feet, especially during intense training and match. This is the best answer to their wish.

The forefoot looks lateral in vertical mode. It has a function for maintaining the balance and speed, especially when you run quickly and stop immediately in a second. This part avoids you to run more than you intend to. Moreover, the shoes have toe protection with comfort molding layer. This part is soft and smooth to ensure the toes are in a safeguard. An additional feature is double memory foams inside the shoes.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis ShoeTennis is a sport that requires proper shoes since you do much running and intense physical activity. Well, K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is considered as the best shoes. It is one of the top choices when you ask about the best tennis shoes for women. The product itself is quite versatile, especially when you want to do outdoor running. Moreover, any sport is compatible with this product as long as there is running and jumping movement.

The manufacturer produces this one with high-quality material. The features are synthetic upper, lace closure, textile collar lining, Aosta rubber outsole, molded ortholite, and dragged rubber. Moreover, the shoes have a lightweight and generous fit. They keep your feet in a comfortable mode. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the toes problem since the protector will keep them safe. This product is definitely what you need for playing tennis, especially during the training session.

ASICS Gel-Game 6

ASICS Women's Gel-Game 6 Tennis ShoeYou need reliable shoes for playing tennis. Comfort is the first thing you should put into consideration. Many products are available on the market, and one of them is ASICS Gel-Game 6. From its brand, you know why this one is your choice. ASICS is a prominent manufacturer in the shoe industry. This model is the best in their lineups.

Besides, the design looks sporty and elegant that makes you feel confident when entering the court. The shoes rely on solid rubber sole on the outer area, including forefoot. It is capable to maintain the durability when moving around at the intense level. The sole is also useful to ensure your feet are firm in any court. Another feature is mesh vents with breathable mode. It creates air circulation to soothe your feet, and lower the temperature. Your feet will be cool and comfortable during the tennis session.

Adidas Adizero Club

adidas Women's Adizero ClubAdidas also releases several shoes for playing tennis. One of them is the Adidas Adizero Club. The design has an elegant touch with sports access. This product is the best shoes that women must wear during playing tennis. Moreover, Adidas provides some options with attractive colors.

The shoes have a technology called Sprintframe. The manufacturer develops it to construct speed and stability. As you can see, it is not just tennis shoes, but also running gear. It is the best option if you want to do some sports that involve running and jumping. The shoes also have Adituff to reduce the abrasion and increase the resistance that makes your feet at a stable level, even though you do much jumping and unexpected running. As the shoes for tennis, Adizero provides cooling technology to maintain temperature and excess sweat. You will feel comfortable, and there is a sharp scent coming out from the inner sole. Those are what you get from this product.

Under Armour UA Remix

Under Armour Womens UA RemixAnother choice of the best shoes for tennis is Under Armour UA Remix. You can wear it during exercises, such as running and tennis even for some extreme activities. The manufacturer uses high-quality material to ensure you feel comfortable. The design is stylish with simple lining but very elegant. It will make your confidence, especially when wearing it outdoor.

The shoes have a cushioned footbed with foam and rubber sole for absorbing shock. As you know, tennis is a sport with intense physical activity. You should move, serve, jump, and run during tennis sessions. With proper rubber sole, you do not have to worry about an injury on toes and heels. The shoes come with a padded heel for extra protection, and breathable mesh to ensure the air circulation does not increase the heat and sweat. You can still enjoy wearing shoes for a longer period. In general, you will get high durability and agility shoes for training, tennis, and running.


From the list above, you see the prominent names and brands that produce shoes for sport, including tennis. Those manufacturers have been around for a long time and obtain a good reputation. You can compare them one by one, and decide which one is your preference. Some shoes are specifically for tennis. You can tell from the lateral forefoot that’s capable of keeping balance.

Well, a list of the best tennis shoes for women shortens your time when looking for the right one. The list is also useful as reference and guidance. You can choose the shoes for tennis or exercise with the same capability. Both will deliver what you need the most.