The Complete Best Shoes for Working on Concrete Reviews

Concrete is a common material for the floor. It is strong and solid with high density and durability. Furthermore, you often see it as a foundation when building a house and floor for the outdoor pathway. In general, you can step the concrete easily and safely. However, the surface might give an uncomfortable sensation when you do not wear footwear. This is when you consider the best shoes for working on concrete.

Many shoes are reliable for protecting your feet from direct concrete touch. On the other, you should consider a few things before buying one of them. You do not want the shoes to deteriorate in a short period, right? The best shoes must have the top quality.

One aspect you must consider is your activity. Concrete is mostly for working space with dust, stain, and dirt. In that case, you should choose the shoes with solid outer lining. Check the following list for more reviews about the shoes you can pick when working on concrete.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 5 SL

ASICS Gel-Contend 5 SL Men's Walking ShoesYou need reliable shoes when working on concrete. They should be versatile for any working condition, especially for outdoor work and harsh conditions. The answer to such need is ASICS Gel-Contend 5 SL. People think this company only produces sports shoes. Long experience in the sports industry provides the best development for high durability shoes. Therefore, you will get new Gel-Contend series.

At first glance, it looks like usual sport shoes because the design has an iconic lining that most ASICS products have. When you touch the outer sole, it has strong texture and solid lining. You do not need to worry when stepping on the road and concrete. The shoes have breathable mesh to make the inside area more comfortable. More features include the lace-up closure, laminate mid-foot cage, and padded tongue. The shoes are highly resistant to the slippery condition. It ensures you always feel safe.

Dansko Women’s Paisley Sneaker 4.5

Dansko Women's Paisley Waterproof Outdoor SneakerThe working shoes do not have to be dull and plain. On the contrary, you can find some shoes with elegant style and sporty lining. One of them is Dansko Paisley Sneaker 4.5 as the best shoes that people can use for working on concrete. In general, the shoes are very versatile for any working condition, especially in the road, concrete, factory, construction, and mining. The manufacturer builds this product with high-grade material and ultimate features.

The specs and features include 100% imported leather, synthetic sole, and waterproof leather. Moreover, they have custom orthotics, shock absorption, removable footbed, odor control, and moisture management. The entire outer surface is full leather that’s capable to withstand the dirt, force, shock, dust, water, and mud. You can wear shoes in the slippery and wet area while walking and working. This is the right shoes for outdoor working with high versatility.

Alegria Women’s Keli

Alegria Women's Keli ProfessionalSome shoes combine the style and practical aspect to balance the capability. You may work at the office but still require visiting several places outdoor. Moreover, you need footwear with more versatility to fit on most occasions. The right answer for such a need is Alegria Keli.

This product is suitable for women who always move around when completing the task. You can wear shoes during office work in a semi-casual situation. On the other side, shoes are the perfect fit for casual interaction when you must be in several places in one day. The design is fashionable with elegant and fancy lining. From the appearance, you can tell this is what you should have. Moreover, the shoes are very practical because of the slip-on model.
The features include the leather material, rubber sole, double elastic gores, suede leather insole, and stain-resistant. Another important feature is slip-resistant for a safety system when you walk on the slippery surface, including concrete.

Skechers Men’s Glides Slip-On

Skechers Men's Glides Calculous Slip-On LoaferYou can wear shoes that are reliable for any condition, but look good and fashionable. This is what you get when buying Skechers Glides Slip-On. From the appearance and design, the shoes are dedicated to casual activity, such as exploring outdoor or just going around in the neighborhood. The design applies slip-on mode with no lace-up. You just put your feet directly into the shoes, and everything is ready. Moreover, the manufacturer gives some options regarding the colors.

The shoes are practical footwear when you need something quick and reliable, yet comfortable. As you can see, the material is leather with a rubber sole and memory foam. The outer lining is solid and strong but very smooth and subtle because of the memory foam inside the shoes. This composition balances both sides to ensure your feet are safe and comfortable. Moreover, you can walk on concrete and road even the slippery floor with ease. This capability is the main reason why you should consider this product.

Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford

Dunham Men's Bryce OxfordWhen you look for the shoes for working on concrete, the answer is Dunham Bryce Oxford. This is one that has been the top choice due to the high durability and capability to support outdoor work. The material is full of leather that makes the shoes more versatile for many situations. From the appearance, it uses the design that combines casual and formal style. The color consists of black and brown.

The manufacturer uses high-quality material when producing this product. You can see the smooth lining that’s mostly available on formal shoes. A strong sole is installed at the footbed for keeping your step in the balance. More features include breathable mesh and double pad inside the shoes for extra protection. When wearing this one, you can work in an outdoor and indoor area. Moreover, the shoes protect you from wet, slippery, dust, and mud. That’s what you get from this product. Now, working on concrete becomes safer and more comfortable.


From the list above, you can divide the shoes into two categories. Firstly, the shoes are dedicated to working directly on concrete. In that case, the material is more solid with stain and wet resistance. You only wear the shoes during the working period, not for other activities. The second category is the shoes that everyone can wear anytime. The design is practical, such as slip-on with a comfortable insole.

The list of the best shoes for working on concrete above can be a useful reference. When your feet are comfortable, you will work at the top performance. The best shoes bring more productivity that leads to profit and money. Everything starts with the right shoes when you are working on concrete.