The Complete Best Shoes for Jumping Rope Reviews

Jumping rope becomes one of the simplest exercises to do. However, it requires a big effort since you need coordination of muscles on arms and feet. Moreover, it is quite tricky to do the movement as you may get injured when you do not careful in doing the jumping. That is why it is very necessary to have the best shoes for jumping rope.

There are many kinds of shoes for sports and exercise. Each sport requires different types of shoes. Of course, you cannot use soccer shoes for playing basketball. In this case, it will also be different when you are going to specialize in jumping rope, so you need to have a good recommendation.

Fortunately, some brands are introducing interesting products. These shoes can be good options in case you are now in need of good shoes to support you in doing jumping ropes. You may check the details below.

Vibram Men’s KSO EVO

Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training ShoeFor the first recommendation, you have Vibram KSO EVO. This can become a good option. When you see its shape, you will know that it may look strange, but it is surely comfortable to do many jumps without difficulties.

The shape of the shoes follows or imitates your shoes well. Even, it traces the details of your feet, including your toes. This is very convenient since it will offer flexibility in doing the jump. Then, it uses materials of rubber on the sole, so it is perfect to give protection on your toes, ankles, and arch. In this case, rubber also works as the shock absorbers to help you.

Then, its weight becomes the next concern. You will not need to worry about shoes that may make you exhausted. These shoes will surely give you comfort in jumping since it uses lightweight material. It is also easy to wash, so you do not need to worry about its maintenance.

Reebok Women’s Nano 8.0

Reebok Women's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross TrainerNext, you have a recommendation from Rebook. Of course, you know the brand well, and it is one of the famous brands for various sports shoes. From this aspect, you already know that you will not get something wrong about the shoes, especially from Rebook Nano 8.0.

It provides you with the flexweave technology. This is a nice technology that combines the material of fabric and rubber. Rubber is found on the sole, while the fabric is for the other parts of your shoes. These give you lightweight so you will be able to jump effortlessly. Then, it still offers flexibility since the shoes can easily stretch and follow the movement of your feet.

In terms of comfort, rubber and cushion will be nice support when you are jumping and landing. When you do it repetitively, you will not feel any burden or excessive pressure on your feet, especially on the toes, arch, and ankle. Moreover, it gives you great durability in doing sports and maintaining the shoes.


NOBULL Men's Training Shoes and StylesDoing sports well is necessary. You need good shoes to support and accompany you. In this case, NOBULL Men’s can give you more since you are also able to do sports in great style. The design and color options of the shoes look great.

In terms of material, the shoes have great upperparts. It is made of the one-piece super fabric. It means that it uses fewer stitches, so this will be able to have better durability. Then, its fabric is also great since it gives space enabling the shoes and feet to breathe, so it keeps the temperature.

Its sole is also nice. It is designed well so it has a special pattern and mechanism. The feature will make sure that your feet will be able to grip the floor or any surfaces well. It is to make sure that you can use full power safely when you are jumping and landing.

New Balance Women’s 711 v3

New Balance Women's 711 v3 Cross TrainerNew Balance is a perfect choice for shoes for sports and style. Most of the shoes are great in appearance, but it still gives a great performance and supports when you are going to have it for your exercises. There are many models and types of shoes from New Balance, and New Balance 711 v3 is one of them.

When you see the products, you will find that there are many options of color. You can find the most suitable design based on your personal preference. Even, it is more options compared to other recommended shoes.

Of course, it is not the only thing to offer. Since it is about shoes for jumping rope, you need something flexible, durable, and comfortable. These three points are found in its design. It has a nice shaft with good protection for your shoes, ankle, and arch. The synthetic soles also give lightweight, and it works well as an absorber.

Inov-8 Men’s All Train 215

Inov-8 Men's All Train 215 Cross-Trainer ShoeThe last recommendation comes from Inov-8 All Train 215. The shoes are great, and one of the interesting parts is on its sole. The soles have a good combination of pattern and material. It uses sticky rubber to give a strong grip. It also has a good pattern, so the shoes still give flexibility for fast movement. You will not have any delays when you want to jump, and it is very flexible to move.

The nice sole is not only for the grip and flexibility. It gives you good protection, starting from the forefoot to the area of the rear parts of the shoes. Your toes are protected well due to its design of the sole. Moreover, your heels are secured with its heel-lock. It gives more access to power and stability when you are jumping. When you are landing, the lock makes sure that your ankle and arch will be protected.


Those are some recommended shoes to choose from when you are going to have an exercise of jumping rope. Although it may seem simple, you need great shoes to protect all parts of your feet, starting from the toes to the ankle and heels. Then, it should be able to provide stability, and its sole must be perfect in absorbing the shocks.

All of the shoes above are the best recommendations, so it is going to be hard to pick the best one. However, Vibram KSO EVO and Reebok Nano 8.0 can be a great choice. They give all the necessary features needed by the best shoes for jumping rope.