The Complete Best Light Hiking Shoes Reviews

Buying the best light hiking shoes is very important for those who do a lot of outdoor activities, especially trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing.
There are a lot of products of hiking shoes. They are available in many kinds and models.

However, if you are serious about the trekking activities, you need to buy the light-weighted kind. Wearing lightweight shoes on the feet will allow you to move more freely along the trek and ease the entire outdoor activity, including when doing extreme hiking and mountain-climbing all day long.

These are some of the best products when it comes to light weighted hiking shoes. You can read them and then use them as a reference when you want to buy the shoes later on. They are all great to wear and they are completed by numerous features. Here they are for you to read and eventually to consider.

The North Face Ultra 109GTX

The North Face Ultra 109GTXa 109 GTX Hiking ShoeThe first shoe here is the North Face Ultra 109GTX. This product has been used by a lot of people who love hiking, especially those who do it frequently. Why so? It is because the shoes are highly durable and it will last for years even when they wear shoes often.

The shoes are made entirely of leather. The leather is imported and 100% in high quality. The shoes are completed by a protective toe cap. This will protect your little toes from getting worn out by the shoes while walking along the path on the trekking. It will prevent injuries as well.

The shoes are also breathable and completely waterproof. Therefore, you do not have to worry about walking through a muddy area or even getting through a river or pond. The shoes will remain dry. By wearing the right foot apparel like this one, you can tackle any kinds of terrain.

Oboz Hyalite Low

Oboz Hyalite Low Shoes - Men'sNext, we have Oboz Hyalite Low. The shoes are just the perfect one to buy as it has a lot of features to be proud of as a professional hiker. The product is made by advanced technology that allows you to enjoy abrasion-resistant on the sole, making the shoes more durable and more comfortable to wear.

It is also waterproof and completed by the thinner middle part. You won’t feel anything bulky bothering you from the feet. The shoes are also available with a rubber toe cap. The toe cap protects your toes entirely from intense frictions.

As for the rubber sole on the base part, it is completely scratch-free. There are some reasons why you need to buy this product. Well, it is made of high-quality leather, it has a protective toe cap, it is waterproof and breathable, it has a comfortable synthetic sole, and it is lightweight.

Salomon X Ultra 3

Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Men's Hiking ShoesIf you want to have stylish shoes for hiking, the choice must be Salomon X Ultra 3. This product is worth buying as there are tons of features on the shoes. The most incredible one is probably its foam cushioning.

Instead of rubber, it is used 100% sturdy foam that will provide more comfort when being worn. The shoes are also stylish and available in many different colors, including red and gray. The sole is designed using sophisticated technology for a better grip on the terrain.

It won’t let you slip and fall, even in the most extreme terrain. It will be useful for those who often go on challenging hiking. Here are the reasons why you need to buy this shoe product. First, it is completed with foam cushioning for better comfort. Second, it comes with 2 years warranty. Third, it is designed with a more intense grip on the sole.

Merrell Moab Ventilator

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking ShoeMerrell Moab Ventilator is one of the best shoes for hiking that you will have to buy. This product is very interesting indeed as it has a beautiful design that allows you to walk the trek in style. Moreover, it has advanced technology of air cushion midsole, allowing you to walk easily and comfortably on the trek.

The best thing about the shoes is the fact that it has a rubber toe bumper to protect your feet and toes from injuries and frictions. The shoes are also water-resistant and completed by rubber outsole with a special design. The sole is great in handling any terrain. You can use the shoes for any outdoor activities, even the extreme ones.

These hiking shoes are worth buying for outdoor activity basically because it has air cushion midsole for more comfortable usage. Also, it is completely water-resistant and made of high-quality leather and mesh.


SCARPA Zen PRO Hiking Shoe-UFor those who want to use suede-dominated shoes for the outdoor activity, you need to buy SCARPA Zen PRO. The shoes won’t let you feel uncomfortable, even when you wear them for a long time. The product has odor control and breathable material.

It will drain moisture quite quickly, and you will be able to wear the shoes more comfortably, even when you have to wear them all day long. The shoes are made out of suede materials, so the design is beautiful and sturdy. With proper maintenance, this light-weighted product will certainly last for years.

Well, you need to buy this product because it is injected with EVA midsole for comfortable usage, and it has rubber toe rand. Moreover, it is made of high-quality suede material, and it has special fabric lining to prevent odor and moisture. The product is definitely worth the money for sure.

The North Face Hedgehog

The North Face Mens Hedghog Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking BootThe last item is the North Face Hedgehog. It is best to buy as it is quite tall and covers your entire feet. It is also stylish and designed with lace-up closure. The material is completely breathable and waterproof.

The light weighted shoes are made of imported leather. The sole is the one with Vibram rubber material. It makes the outsole completely capable of gripping tightly to the ground, even when you wear the shoes on a steep hill or any other extreme terrains. This is why the shoes are just perfect for those who love hiking.