The Complete Best Glue for Shoes Reviews

Are you looking for the best glue for shoes? If you are, you have come to the right place. There is this list below showing you some of the best shoe glue products available in the market right now. They can certainly put your shoes together and restore them to the proper condition.

Sometimes, people are frustrated when their shoes are broken, especially when the sole and the main part of the shoes are no longer sticking together. Instead of throwing away the shoes, the problem can be easily solved using shoe glue.

The best glue for shoes will help to attach the sole or any other parts of the shoes, making them wearable once again. For those who have been looking for the list for the shoe glue product, this is the list for you to see. The glue products here are all useful and highly affordable for anyone.

Shoe Goo Repair

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or BootsThe first product listed here is the Shoe Goo Repair. This product has been around for years and it is well-known for its ability in providing shoe repair and protective coating to any shoes. The glue is made out of synthetic material and it works well in repairing shoes, especially when the shoes are made out of vinyl and canvas.

It works with rubber, too, so that you can use the glue to attach rubber sole to the upper part of the shoes. This product is 100% waterproof and the sealant created by the glue will not gradually dissolve in water or moisture.

This is why this product is perfect for creating sealant on small holes. Patching shoes will be easier with this clear, strong shoe glue. Everyone should have this glue at home and use it every time their shoes need some patches. The shoe glue is simply useful.

Boot-Fix Glue

Boot-Fix Shoe GlueThe next shoe glue product here is Boot-Fix Glue. This is like the superglue made specifically for shoes. The glue bonds like in seconds when being used. The bonds created by this glue will not get affected by cold, heat, or even moisture and wetness. It will remain sticking and re-attach your shoes together for good.

The glue is also specifically formulated to sticking footwear materials, including vinyl and rubber. It will be perfect for any kind of shoes, such as athletic shoes and casual shoes. The glue also works on sandals, sneakers, and handbags.

Using the glue is never easier as it only takes three steps: clean the shoes, apply a small bead of glue, and hold it together for 30 seconds. After that step, your shoes will be repaired without having to clamp them. This is the reason why this shoe glue product is considered as the best.

Shoe-Fix Glue

Shoe-fix shoe glueIf your shoes are completely detached, you need this Shoe-Fix glue. This is a professional shoe repair glue that works with any type of shoe material. You do not need to clamp your shoes to attach them back together. The glue produces a super bond that puts the shoes back to its former, wearable, condition in just under a minute.

The synthetic glue can also be used to re-attach bags, purses, and other things that have the same materials as shoes. One tub of this glue can repair 10-15 shoes, depending on how severe the damage is. By buying the glue, you can save your money from having to buy new shoes.

This glue product works like super glue and you have to be careful working with them as they can bond everything in seconds, including your fingers. That is why you should keep this product away from children.


Gear Aid Freesole

GEAR AID Shoe Repair GlueGeerAid Freesole is one of the best glue products made for shoes. The glue can make long-lasting repairs and seal any leaks on any type of shoes, including the high-fractioned shoes like climbing shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and many more.

The urethane adhesive provided by the glue will bond to the shoes for goods. They won’t crack and disappear over time. The glue has an Aquaseal feature that makes the seals waterproof. The glue can also get applied to many types of footwear materials, including suede, leather, rubber, and canvas.

There is no need to bring your shoes to professional shoe repairs as this glue will basically stick the detached shoes together and bring them back to their former, original function. This is why everyone should buy this particular shoe glue product as it is highly functional and will work for everyone easily. Fixing detached shoes will be easier now.

Gorilla Original Glue

Gorilla Original Waterproof Polyurethane GlueThis product is beyond ordinary shoe glue. Gorilla Original Glue is the kind of glue you want to buy as the polyurethane glue can fix any damages to shoes with ease. Besides that, the shoe glue is also highly versatile and it can be used to bond any type of material beyond footwear materials.
The glue can re-attach anything made out of wood, glass, foam, ceramic, metal, and anything else. The multi-purpose glue is incredibly strong, producing a sturdy bond that won’t break over time. This is the reason why everyone should buy this Gorilla product.

It works well on everything and repairing shoes can be done easily using the glue. It should be on your toolbox as it helps to repair many things else around the house. So, when anything in the house is broken, this glue will be the answer to solve the problem.


You have seen the list of the products up there. The conclusion is that all of them are highly functional and great to attach any loose parts of the shoes and your shoes will be back to its original conditions afterward.

However, if you are looking for the glue that will work well, too, for attaching other materials aside from shoes, such as woods, stone, ceramic, foam, and even metal, the product to buy from the list up there is the Goirilla Glue. However, the rest of the glue products there are also considered the best glue for shoes anyway.