The Complete Best Basketball Shoes Reviews

As the matter of selecting the best basketball shoes can make the difference between winning the game and losing it, deciding which one to buy may seem difficult at first. There are admittedly plenty of factors to consider, such as making sure that the shoes can support your feet as well as making them comfortable while providing safety at the same time by preventing you from falling and slipping.

Additionally, there is one more thing that might take into account the cost. Most of the basketball sneakers are sold at the pricier side due to the high demand for them in the market. That’s why finding useful reviews before you’re about to buy the shoes is important to help you pick the item with the best value.

Find the best and most suitable pair of basketball shoes for you from the recommendation list below. It is crafted especially based on your particular needs.

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes

adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men'sFor men, Adidas Harden Vol 3 is the perfect shoes to go to. It is by far the best signature sneaker of James Harden that received so much improvement than its predecessor model. It features a traditional herringbone pattern that generates extremely well traction. The midsole is comprised of a full-length boost – resulting in the most balanced ride provided by Adidas, at least since the manufacturer comes up with cushion implementation on basketball shoes.

Besides the comfortable and premium material, these shoes truly contain the perfect element that fits with one another, from the upper wraps to the internal heel counter. It is so simple that it does its job exceptionally well. Some might say that Adidas decided to play it safe with the model, but it is exactly the best way to go and what you should buy if you want a shoe that hits every aspect needed for basketball shoes.

Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Women's Jet 2019Under Armour is an American apparel and sportswear company that has secured a place for a global presence. This 25-years old manufacturer prioritizes the comfort and lightweight approach on most of its products, including the Under Armour Jet basketball footwear. It combines the use of synthetic and mesh to provide flexibility, breathability, and support. This model is available in two different colors, Black or Halo Gray, and White or Mod Gray.

The sole is made from a rubber material. The shaft measures from mid-top to arch area. In the upper part, leather and textile materials are perforated and molded to allow support and airflow. The TPU overlay is durable, helps to maintain shape, and resist abrasion. Other features include the durable TPU overlay, internal heel counter, internal bootie construction, an EVA sock liner. Moreover, The UA Jet is a wearable item not only for basketball activity but also for daily use.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2 presets multi-directional herringbone in its feature. The traction pattern it uses might not look fancy, but it provides straight performance. The traction wraps up will give great coverage no matter which direction your feet are going, not to mention the amazing coverage on quick cutbacks and hard cuts due to the midsole on the medial forefoot. These pair of shoes use charged foam, which less plushy but more responsive and fits better, allowing quick guards and may make you forget that you’re even wearing shoes.

The material used gives you overall support that you’d need while allowing you to move freely without further restriction – no unnecessary rub or pinch presents. The fuse overlay gives additional support to the court. It also offers lateral stability due to its upgraded heel cup that will prevent your feet to unwantedly lift or shift from the footbed.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

adidas Men's Tmac MillenniumAdidas T-Mac Millennium is launched as a more upgraded version of the original T-mac line. It is designed with herringbone traction that does its job on almost any kind of surface – venting out the worry of getting dust, dust bunnies, or tumbleweeds. The cushion in boost area is well-balanced, due to the firm protection and responsiveness on the forefoot area. It can provide a quick response because there is no jarring impact when you ride low in the forefoot. Despite the soft and mushy feeling on the midsole, it won’t make your step slowed down.

The sturdy materials combined with a slightly higher collar on the ankle area establish great support. The padding, lacing, and midfoot fit will lock you and let you run high enough without shifting your foot from the heel counter. In general, these shoes are an all-around performer that supports great cushioning for big guys.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

adidas Men's Dame 5Adidas Dame 5 is deemed as the front runner in the market fragment of basketball shoes back in 2019. The shoes have the b-ball built that’s being a signature of Damian Lillard. The model has all the variables that make a solid pair of shoes: wonderful stability and support, amazing traction, great cushion, and excellent lockdown. Don’t be deceived by budget-looking material, as it won’t hesitate to offer premium level basketball shoe performance.

There is not much to say about the support and lockdown provided by these shoes except the mentioned quality above: they are great. The tooling is very wide, paired with wide medial and lateral forefoot area. The width it is designed with gives incredible stability. Some critics may say that the materials look rather cheap and will easily catch dirt, but function-wise, it is highly supportive and super comfortable to wear.

Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron 17Like the other model from the line, Nike Lebron 17 is designed with James Lebron in mind. So far, this model has the largest heel among the Max Air unit – which allows it to absorb more force compared to the prior designs. The Zoom Air units are visible and have built on maximum volume underneath the ball the foot, generating constant responsiveness to allow quick action. They let your feet to bounce under impressive protection.

The traditional tongue and wide collar offer a locked-in and comfortable feeling while making it easy to put it on or take it off. The convenience cushion and Knitposite material are the exceptional features that make these shoes stand out. They are thick, comfortable, and felt soft just all the same. In conclusion, if you look for supportive and comfortable shoes to show the best performance, this model will make a great option.

Best Performance Basketball Shoes

Nike PG3The legendary story of how Paul George shot from Palmdale to the stardom in the basketball community is what inspired the design of Nike PG3. The brand itself claims that the shoes will make you feel like walking on heights with clouds. The outsole design is built by taking inspiration of moon craters. Now, it becomes a model that successfully merges the responsive Zoom Air cushioning and phenomenal traction, allows you to move smoothly between defense and offense actions.

The circle or circular pattern makes the generated traction felt very consistent even from different angles. This model resembles its precursor, PG2, in terms of cushion setup – however, it can give a bit smoother feeling. There is an internal heel counter that functions well as it should do. At the midfoot segment, the midsole rises higher so your feet will be kept at the footbed despite sudden direction changes or hard cuts.

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

adidas Men's Pro NextNot only Adidas determine to be the best with its premium line, but it also thrives well on budget offerings. It is a model that can perform so well and able to hold itself when compared with signature models at fraction of the price, so it will make a good and less expensive alternative to Adidas Dame 5. These shoes are surprisingly lightweight, highly supportive especially on the ankle area, grips well and comfortably due do the good traction.

Adidas Pro Next is available in seven color variations. It is made from 100% synthetic material, including the sole. To mention some of the features, there is the Cloudfoam midsole, an advanced cushioning that helps you run, jumps, and land wonderfully on the court. The herringbone outsole gives extra traction even on abrupt changes of direction. The two-way mixed upper allows you to focus on attack and defend comfortably without any distractions.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie Low 2 Mens ShoesNike Kyrie Low 2 has a good setup for all basketball play, but it is especially ideal to be used by indoor players due to how well they grip the court. Squeak sound may not mean anything to the traction, but if it’s not your thing, you should know that these shoes do not squeak at all. The overall features are quite similar to the prior Kyrie Low, with the Zoom Air units as the selling point. However, it is a mile forward by doesn’t have bad under-foot. It is also bouncier than the original.

For its relatively affordable price, this model is surprisingly felt premium. It is flexible, soft, and supportive. For a low-top, it has proven itself to provide a lot of stability and support which originated from the great feet. This is a perfect pick if you want something low, fast, and light without breaking your bank.

Best High Top Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Air Precision NBKNike Air Precision NBK is a model that worth trying if you were playing for games where you aren’t allowed to miss a single move. It helps to execute fast cuts and ultimate landings. These shoes are both sleek and functional, making it a top-notch alternative in the high top basketball shoe segment. The high padded collar provides comfort, with a reliable foam midsole, additional eyelets, and resilient rubber outsole with circle patterned traction to support multi-directional and rotational motions.

The heel is equipped with Nike Air unit cushioning to assist hard landings. The light overlaid on the midfoot area gives off premium feel and treat to the eye. It has plush padding foam in the ankle. The outsole is made to be low-profile, for durability and grip ability on various surfaces purposes. The rubber is designed to be out at the midfoot shank but wraps the midsole sides’ area up to improve traction.

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Under Armour Men's Curry 3As the third installation of Stephen Curry’s signature model, Under Armour Curry 3 is considered successful at delivering control and support in such a lightweight setup. Even if the name is still relatively new in the industry of basketball shoes, Under Armour has affixed its name as one of the most well-performing and most consistent on the market. The model is crafted with carbon fiber shank and synthetic Threadborne to provide stability. It features advanced charged cushioning technology that will absorb shock and multi directional traction pattern with rubber outsole.

Being corresponding with technique play of Stephen Curry, it is made with amazing traction, ability to cuts the hoop, and feel the quick crossover. Stephen himself is a light player and doesn’t play over the rim, so the firm cushioning is providing minimal impact protection. This model is a great reminiscent of the previous Curry 1 and 2.

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Nike Zoom KD 12Nike Zoom KD 12 and its potentials come as the model that makes up everything wrong with the 11th edition that fell short on expectation. Despite using translucent rubber that usually isn’t as consistent as solid rubber and doesn’t grip well to hardwood, this time around it is successful at giving consistency and airflow that transfer from heel to toe. It also features the smart Zoom Air, cushion technology that has been chosen by many.

The material is a combination of Fuse, Textile, and screen mesh. They might not sound like the most premium material setup, but it is a step in the right direction and will do their job well to cater to players that prefer the build type. The support is very solid, as the midsole is wrapped with TPU, offering great torsional support and preventing the possibility of your feet being over flexing.

Best basketball shoes for flat feet

Jordan Air Xxxiv Mens Ar3240-100Jordan Air XXXIV is the first model that features herringbone traction from the brand after quite a while. The bladed herringbone is proven to work extremely well with the rest of the design. The outsole is crafted in a spread fan fashion, with aggressiveness to show it can perform as good as it appears. The sneaky bite traction that’s not squeaky at all is descent from Air Jordan XX9. You’d find the rubber outsole is rather thin, but it gives high durability for indoor plays. It may not give the same durability on outdoors due to the thinner rubber, but so does it apply for most shoes nowadays.

The forefoot part is supportive and feels breezy. The responsiveness is accompanied by excellent stability balance. A large Hex Zoom Air Unit can be spotted at the rear side. Overall, it is the best shoes for those of you who want cushioning on heel and forefront areas.